Rarest Species of Flowers Found in the World

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A nature’s cherub with beauty and redolence is a rare combination.  Flowers are an epitome of positivity and joie de vivre (liveliness). Vibrantly colorful flowers add an extra pinch of beauty and grace to every place where adorned. Roses to Lotuses to Orchids, these enigmatic seraphs of nature have such sweet fragrances that none can evade from their bewitching splendor.

Flowers like tulip, sunflower, lotus, rose, etc. can be spotted often in the gardens, parks and nurseries but, there are certain species of flowers that are essentially seen only in specific areas of the world and beholds extra inches of magnificence and beauty. So, let’s dive into the details of these enticing beauties and know more about them. These flowers are the rarest species of flowers found in the entire world.

  • Blue Zebra primrose:

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Blue Zebra Primose are striking and colorful looking white and blue stripped flowers with a yellow centered lobe. These are a subspecies of primrose and bloom in late spring and summer. This endemic flower lives up to its name and makes a line or a path that wanders through the woods.

  • Rebe:

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Rebe or Buckuchurbu are rare species of flowers that can be only be found in the wild in Upper Subansiri and Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a rare and medicinal plant which was known to be endangered and last seen in 1890. Later, after 115 years, it was rediscovered by a team of botanists in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Subansiri district.

  • Chocolate Cosmos:

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Chocolate Cosmos are endemic flowers that are colloquially known as such due to their chocolaty fragrance that spreads in the surrounding while blooming. These are stunningly beautiful flower native to Mexico. This flower was known to be extinct but was rediscovered by the vegetation propagation in 1902 and it is the only clone of original chocolate cosmos exist till today.

  • Jade vine:

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Jade Vines are a native of the tropical forests of the Philippines. It is locally known by the name, “tayabak“. This is the rarest species of flower that is known as emerald vine or turquoise jade vine with stems that can reach up to 18 m in length. It is pollinated by birds and bats.

  • Leafy Strobilanthes:

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Leafy Strobilanthes are mostly native to tropical Asia and Madagascar and is a rare plant found in NE India. Leafy Strobilanthes is relatively widespread but scattered, being known from isolated localities in Bhutan, the Naga Hills of NE India and the Chin Hills of Burma. This species of flowers were first named only as recently as 1994.

Flowers are the beauty and charm at its peak. Various flowers are adorned at special occasions to make them even beautiful and gifted to our loved ones to bring a smile on their face. So, don’t while away the time in just thinking about making your dear ones happy, send flowers to Bangalore to them and bring an everlasting smile on their faces

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