Is TPM Consulting Worth The Investment?

TPM is not a new concept in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Since ages, Total Production Maintenance services are being used as Maintenance programs to maintain the equipment and manufacturing processes in the plants. Apart from increasing the production yield, TPM also enhances the employee morale and job satisfaction.

Overall, TPM is a system for improving the business values, processes, equipment, machines, and employees of an organization. Well, this is the main reason, why the manufacturing firms are keenly adopting the culture of TPM. To ensure the effectiveness of TPM culture in the organizations, it is necessary to avail an experienced TPM consultant.

As the demands for TPM consultants in India are rising, this has led a platform for individuals to shape their career accordingly. Look, the logic is pretty simple. As the number of manufacturing companies will increase, the requirement of TPM consultants will also increase.


The TPM consultants have good knowledge regarding the 5S foundation methodology and eight pillars concept. Mainly, the TPM consultations in the manufacturing sectors are maintained with these two principles. Below here, both the concepts are keenly described, so that you can avail important information regarding TPM.

  • 5 S Foundations

Mainly, the 5S foundation refers to Sort, Set-in, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Look, the main objective of the 5S foundation is to ensure a well-organized and clean environment in the plant.  By using this foundation, the TPM consultants analyze and determine the standards of processes and also eliminate the unnecessary resources or items from the project.

  • The Eight Pillars

The eight pillars of TPM consultation include Autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance, Quality maintenance, Focused improvement, Early Equipment management system, Training and education, Safety, health, and Environment, and Administration activities. Overall these eight pillars concept are used to improve the reliability and functioning of equipment or machinery in the plant.

The combination of both these studies effectively ensures a complete solution to all the issues in an organization. If you are not availing TPM consultations, then there are high chances, you may face the following kind of losses.


Big Losses of not implementing the TPM culture

  • Unplanned stops – The equipment can stop working anytime, as they are not maintained efficiently.
  • Setup and Adjustments – If the setup of machinery is not designed properly, then there are high chances that, you may have to go for some cheap adjustments.
  • Slow running – The equipment may reflect slow functioning because of irregular check-ups and maintenance.
  • Production defects – if the equipment is not functioning properly, production defects crop up.
  • Reduced yield – When both products and equipment are not reflecting features up-to the mark, then reduced yield is very much sure.

Thus, it is highly recommended to find an efficient TPM consultant, who can effectively manage all the maintenance works of your organization.

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