How to be a Parent teens Spy?

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Attention parent spy. Your new mission is to track your children using and keeping a 20 on their 20 at all times, everyday no matter where they may be or what they may be doing you must always possess complete information on their whereabouts. You should know what they are, what are they doing and who they are doing it with at all times. You should know who their friends are and you should know who their enemies are to the best of your capabilities. Even the pretenders and fakers should not be out of your eight

You are equipped with a mobile computing device or a laptop to help out with your missions. It comes along with a cellular device with a spy applications installed onto it. This spy apps can be accessed remotely via the cell phone spy app servers from anywhere in the world.

Give the cellular device to your child. From here onwards the cellular device is dubbed as the target device. Monitor the target device using the laptop you are provided. You may use the target device in order to look out for one of the mentioned tasks.

See who your child is calling or text messaging using the target device to keep up with.

  • Monitor all their online browsing activities using the target device in order to make sure that they are not addicted to things like porn and sexting.
  • Take a close, deep and detailed look into their browsing history to ensure that they are not being cyber-bullied by their peers, or they are not personally cyber-bullying their peers, treated others in an ill mannered way or stalking somebody online.

Monitor their social media accounts and make sure that they are not being groomed or lured by some stranger to do their bidding. Be careful about this one. Such people might turn out to be the ones responsible for earning the trust of the kids, and then abducting them and selling them into child trafficking or child pornography.

Make sure that they are not calling or texting stranger or unknown people are not calling them over the target device.

  • Check the call and text logs being recorded by the spy apps in order to keep up with their lives.
  • Check their contact list to ensure that they are not in contact with people they shouldn’t be involved with.

Keep a keen eye on their reminders and calendar entries. You might find something in there they may just be troublesome in nature.

  • Browse through their gallery photo to see what they did last Friday night.
  • Track their movement through the GPS trackers provided by the spy app. It can allow you to track their location in real time and right down to longitude and latitude.

In situations where tracking is not enough, use camera and microphone bugs to keep an eye on whatever the user of the target device is upto. You have complete authorization to take pictures using both the front and back camera of the target device as well as listen in on their surroundings in real time using the microphone bug

When in doubt, all the fore-stated data is recorded and saved for you onto the servers and can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world

If the target is in possession of more than one electronic device of the similar variety, install spy apps onto all of them and monitor them remotely using the computing device.

So mother, father and all the guardians responsible for tweens and teens all around the globe, do not forget your mission. Fall back on your training and the mission profile when ever in doubt and do not, under any circumstances let the pouts and the puppy-dog eyes fool you. Your teens may be trustworthy, the people they are interacting with are not. Never show weakness. Remember your training. Fall back onto in time of need. Stay on your guard and do not trust anyone.

You are responsible for your wards. Do not let us down. Be a good parent spy. Do not let morals and ethical values sway you from your mission. And remember, it is not stalking. It is parenting.

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