CSR: Role and strategic management

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India has the world’s second largest population and by 2026 is predicted to have the world’s largest youngest population meaning that this young population will be aspiring for the greatness which the country boast off. This youth power will need tools such as education, health benefits and basic human amenities which despite government best efforts is proving a daunting task. In order to lighten the load and help the government to achieve its initiative, Fiinovation is doing a remarkable job by helping corporate and NGO to come together and contribute in the nation’s development.

However, CSR initiatives are not new to Indian corporates as most of them have been doing it for many years. Most of the CSR initiatives (prior to the compulsory law on the enactment of CSR by the companies) in India were carried out by big business conglomerate families like TATA, Birla, Godrej etc. who carried out these activities as a part of their community building activities according to their PR needs.  With the enactment of CSR law, all the companies who fall under the category are now entitled to perform CSR activities as per their social responsibility programmes to improve and aid the welfare schemes of the government. CSR initiatives though being an old tradition in India still has some distance to cover before the goals of the CSR is achieved.

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Fiinovation has significantly contributed in uplifting the condition of the deprived and marginalized sections of society. They are really passionate about their work and the company follows not only high work ethics, but also high client satisfaction rate. Hence, there exist absolutely zero Fiinovation complaints.

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