11 Simple Reasons to Use Codeignitor over Other Mvc Frameworks

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But first we’ll try to know what’s codeigniter mvc framework and what it is?

Its objective is to offer you the easy and suitable means to develop the job much faster that you can do.

What’s MVC (Model-View-Controller)?

Model : It signify your data structure , typically interacting with the Database or like insertion, deletion all that part comes in this document.

View: it’s used to signify your web project i.e to demonstrate that the UI part normally it comprises the HTML and CSS code.

Controller : In MVC into the control you’ll be able to say the mind of it since it requires the requests to bind everything together.

Now We’ll concentrate on Reasons why codeigniter is better than other PHP Frameworks :

  1. Execution Time: The first and the main point which brings the every programmer towards the PHP, is its execution time. Php provides the response too quickly that until today no tech is in this world which may give the  implementation so fast.
  1. File Organization: once you first set up the codeigniter frame at the time only it comprises the many files program which comprises the sub-folders as control, config, version, view etc.. This is the main folder that we must deal to execute the project.
  1. Setup: Codeigniter mvc framework has very simple configuration, you simply need to fist install the frame in accordance with your system configuration then in the time of programming open the config.php load the library, database, arrays all in that and rescue that’s it then.
  1. Highly Secure :Many function available to for the encryption and decryption which enables the programmer to send any data from the secret installation.
  1. Faster Development with less lines of code : You won’t need to chase down 3rd party libraries all of the time for each new project because a lot of them will include the default platform install.
  1. Community Support: As most of us know that PHP is world’s biggest using language so everybody come with their problem and alternatives so in those issues and solutions you get your problem solved in very less time and with complete support and all. Because so many people using it that after finishing the job they simply put the source code online in their you can get your outcome.
  1. Easy Error Handling: Error handling wasn’t before so simple but in codeigniter you must only write 1 line code to enable all of the mistakes before you so you could get what’s the difficulty in the evolution code.
  1. Step by Step Testing With Development Period: it is possible to test the operation and the functionality of this project during the beginning phase of project through that you could see each and every stage of the project and you can test it.
  1. Easy Template Option: presently in world the majority of the jobs are moving based on the templates only. Template gives the entire idea of design of job even at beginning phase of this development you only need to provide the content in that.
  1. Codeigniter Cache Class: I believe the majority of the clients really like to create the cache class within their project since cache what do if you clicked on any button in the project then next time it provides the result in the cache rather than executing the completing the comprehensive code again after clicking.
  2. Cost effective: You can easily find codeignitor development company in India at affordable prices.

CodeIgniter Drawbacks:

  1. No inbuild ORM : This is big downsides of CodeIgniter which there’s not any inbuild ORM system where other frame like Yii (ActiveRecord), Laravel(Eloquent).
  2. CodeIgniter is PHP4 legacy code
  3. Irregular releases
  4. CodeIgniter isn’t fully Object Oriented based program.

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